The Full Rehab

The Full Rehab
  • Starting at $400 per sash depending on the number of lights and condition

If you want your windows completely restored back to their former glory, we recommend “The Full Rehab”.  Below is a breakdown of the steps taken during a complete restoration process:

  1. Complete a full on-site assessment to determine current sash conditions and note any major repairs
  2. Pick up sashes from the client’s home and return them to the shop, where we label, photograph, inspect and prep for “treatment”
  3. Remove hardware and clean
  4. Remove old glazing and glass (using steam) and prep glass for deep cleaning
  5. Remove all paint back to the original wood – using steam and an infrared lamp
  6. Gently hand sand all rails, stiles and muntins and make any needed repairs
  7. Complete a full wipe down with linseed oil and prime coat
  8. Reinstall glass and glaze with Sarco “Type M” Glazing Putty
  9. Apply two coats of final finish paint as approved by client
  10. Full Mechanical Rehab* is an additional fee of $250 per window –

(*please see “Full Mechanical Rehab” for details)

Note:  A complete window restoration is a highly detailed process and depending on the number of sashes can take 8-10 weeks depending on sash conditions

Additional Services:

Board-up Windows

Hardware Restoration


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