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Founder & President

Stacy Caputo hails from the south shore of Long Island, where her father instilled in her, a love of tools and a “fix-it” mentality from a young age. As a young adult, she’s worked as a property manager for several NYC management firms, as well a running her own gardening business in Manhattan.  After graduating from New York University with BS in Real Estate, she spent 5 years at Aeropostale as their Construction Business Manager, then 10 years at the luxury bath and kitchen company Waterworks as the Senior Manager of Construction.  She sat on the board of the non-profit organization, Tools n’ Tiaras and is extremely passionate about increasing opportunities for women working in the trades.   Seeing the need to expand the awareness in restoring and preserving old homes and buildings, she has combined her years of experience working in construction and her love of building and restoration to form Bridge Lane Restorations.  

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