Full Rehab

Below is a breakdown of the steps taken during a complete restoration process:

  • Complete a full on-site assessment to determine current sash conditions and note any major repairs
  • Pick up sashes from the client’s home and return them to the shop, where we label, photograph, inspect, and prep for “treatment”
  • Remove all hardware and clean
  • Remove old glazing and glass (using steam) and prep glass for deep cleaning
  • Remove all paint back to the original wood – using steam and an infrared lamp
  • Gently hand sand all rails, stiles, and muntins and make any needed repairs
  • Complete a full wipe down with linseed oil and prime coat
  • Reinstall glass and glaze with Sarco “Type M” Glazing Putty
  • Apply two coats of final finish paint as approved by the client
  • Full mechanical rehab